Help SAMIRA – Charity Event at PASHA

Help SAMIRA – Charity Event at PASHA

This Sunday, 29 November we have planned a charity event to raise funds for Samira Sharipova, a little girl from Uzbekistan who had the mis-fortune of being diagnosed with leukaemia at such a young age.  Simply being at this event will mean the world to Samira and her parents.

Samira had undergone initial treatment at Tashkent Research Institute for Hematology and Blood Transfusion. Those were difficult months for Samira and her mother, Gulrukh. The Uzbek doctors did their best to help Samira but their efforts were insufficient. Samira needed further treatment. A 4-year girl, Samira, is in a serious fight for her life.
Today, Samira is undergoing treatment for leukemia at to the Centre for Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology named after D. Rogachev, Moscow, Russia.
Russian doctors give optimistic forecasts for Samira to fully recover, however, the cost of treatment, which is 4,500,000 Russian rubles ($107,000) is unaffordable for Samira’s family.
For this great cause over 720,000 Russian rubles were raised to date.

We need your help. We implore you to show compassion and your loving-kindness. Sweet little Samira is the light of her parents’ life. She is happy and giggly. We hope that this little girl’s heart will beat for many, many years and her smile will continue to light up the world.

We can save this child and we will greatly appreciate any help – financial support, counselling assistance, fundraising activities and many others as we continue to pray for Samira and her family.

We would like to say thanks to Sardor Mirzakhojaev and staff of Pasha for helping to organize this event.

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